Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SoWa Winter Market 12/11

Gail and I had a big shopping weekend! Yesterday we visited the SoWa Winter Market, and  Saturday we went to the Eat Boutique - Holiday Local Market  in Fort Point. I will be looking at our shopping list from the SoWa Winter Market today. Check back tomorrow to see the great stuff I took home from the Eat Boutique - Holiday Local Market.
We had some really wonderful conversations with many of the vendors and farmers that were at yesterday's SoWa Winter Market. We carefully reviewed and smelled most of the fresh pasta's from Valicenti Organico, learned about jerusalem artichokes and sunflowers from Spring Brook farm, had a great introduction to oyster mushrooms from Leif Johnson of Shady Oaks Organics, talked coffee with Andrew of Captain's Coffee Brewers, learned about greenhouses and year round crop production from David Gilson of the Herb Lyceum, talked social media and pork with John Crow Farm, and learned about preserving fresh fruit with Bug Hill Farm!
These conversations and learning experiences allow us connect with what we eat on a deep level, we gain storage advice and pick up cooking tips from people deeply connected and passionate about the produce, meat, and process' we are discussing. The heartfelt thanks we receive and connections we make allow us to put a face to the great people who raise, harvest, and produce our food! 
In the coming days as we enjoy all this great food I will recall all the people we talked with and be glad that Gail and I have so many opportunities to support sustainable and local food producers!
Here is a look at what we picked up at yesterday's SoWa Winter Market:
carrots, scallions, potatoes, onions, & jerusalem artichokes - Spring Brook Farm
peppers, tomatoes, & cucumbers - Herb Lyceum
grey dove & italian oyster mushrooms - Shady Oaks Organics
truffle pappradelle - Valicente Organico
22 oz cold brew coffee - Captain's Coffee Brewers
pork spare ribs - John Crow Farm

This great abundance and variety of ingredients has us looking forward to planning a few great meals this week, including our dark days meal!

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