Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seed Potatoes are here!

My Seed Potatoes from Wood Prairie Farm arrived yesterday!!
(Seed Potatoes from top to bottom: Russian Banana Fingerling, All Blue, Yukon Gold, and Cranberry Red)

The packaging also came with postcards for each variety of seed potato I had ordered...
...the Maine Department of Agriculture certification for each variety...
...and finally: a thank you note, potato recipe booklet, and potato growing guide!
I'll be preparing and planting these delicious varieties just as soon as I can, hopefully as early as tomorrow! I'm looking forward to enjoying some delicious and colorful potatoes.


Thomas said...

Good luck growing your seed potatoes. They look really good and I see you've chosen very interesting varieties.

Will you be growing them in pots or in the ground?

Fred said...

I'm going to grow them in the ground, i've read that the best method is to dig a deep trench and space the pieces across it, as the plants grow you can use the soil to hill up the plants.
We'll see how it goes but I'm very excited!