Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blooms, Berries, Basil

The daylilies that grow around the fencing of our plot have started blooming. I took the below photo this afternoon before the clouds and rain rolled in:
(Hemerocallis fulva - the common Tawny Daylily)

As I was leaving the plot this afternoon I was excited to see the raspberry bush along the front of our plot starting to show some berries. I wonder if the below berry will still be there when I return to the garden next:

Finally, the small bit of harvesting I managed today - .55 oz/15.6 g of basil. A nice mix of Genovese & Red Rubin:

I'm not sure what would be considered a fair value for the basil. Based on some googling and the Rodale Institute's organic price report I am estimating this quantity of fresh basil to be $2.00 worth. Does that seem fair? too high? too low?


Annie's Granny said...

What a lovely day lily! I'm really wanting to pull the terrible stickery shrubs from my front yard and replace them with a solid garden of day lilies. It seems I never find time to do anything in my front yard, I'm having too much fun in my backyard vegetable garden!

I do hope your raspberry is still there when you return. And congratulations on your basil harvest, I've only pinched off two little sprigs from mine. I only have a small pot of Italian basil that didn't freeze, so I have a few new seedlings just now popping up.

Fred said...

Granny - the daylilies are gorgeous! I love the orange color of them.
With the raspberries it's a matter of whether the birds & bugs or a passerby gets to them first! The bush is small and I don't expect a sizeable harvest so I might have to count individual berries just for fun to see how many I snack on over the season!
We also recently planted a lot of basil and the seedlings are just beggning to emerge. In the meantime we have 1 genovese plant and 3 smaller red rubin's we are picking as the leaves size up.