Monday, August 2, 2010

Harvest Monday - August 2nd 2010

This week was an explosive week in the harvesting department! The first full sized tomatoes were picked on Wednesday. 2 Early Girl and 3 Striped Roman tomatoes:
We headed to the garden to do some major weeding and prep work for the fall on Saturday. When we got there we had discovered one of the striped roman tomatoes was collapsing out of it's cage under the weight of all the tomatoes that were on it! For the sake of the rest of the tomato plants we pulled the plant and took home all of the green tomatoes. We also grabbed a few cranberry red potatoes, some baby onions, 3 more ripe tomatoes, and a hungarian wax pepper:
We ended up picking 2 more ripe tomatoes, and some small bunches of Basil, Chives, and Sage yesterday which didn't make it into a photo.
Harvest Totals this week:
1.55 oz Cherry Tomatoes (including the first cherry tomatoes from 7/22)
2.84 lbs Tomatoes
3.44 lbs Green Tomatoes
4.25 oz Potato
1.05 oz Onion
.50 oz Hungarian Pepper
.55 oz Sage
.65 oz Basil
.45 oz Chives
Weekly Total: 6.75 lbs/3.06 kg
Seasonal Total: 11.394 lbs/5.168 kg
Harvest Totals have been updated.
Now that full sized tomatoes have certainly been harvested, the tomato watch is over. I'll note the first harvests and keep track for next year!

Another First harvest this week:
2 undersized Cranberry Bean pods had already dried out, yielding 4 Ottawa Cranberry Beans. The beans came from Daphne by way of Ottawa Gardener.
If you want to see what others are harvesting or share in your own bounty, stop by Daphne's Dandelions the home of Harvest Monday.


meemsnyc said...

Wow, what a haul of tomatoes. Sorry to hear that one of the plants had to be pulled.

GrafixMuse said...

Yay for the first tomatoes!!! I am still attempting to figure out the best support system for tomatoes. Nylon trellis works well in the square foot gardens, but even the regular tomato cages failed me this year as well.

thyme2garden said...

Ugh, that's too bad that one of your tomato plants collapsed, but wow, that's a lot of tomatoes for one plant! Those striped Romans are really beautiful. How was the flavor compared to the Early Girl?

kitsapFG said...

The ripe tomatoes look delicious. Sorry you had the one plant go down. What do you plan to do with your green tomatoes?

Daphne said...

Actually the beans come to me by way of the Ottawa Gardner (Telsing), who of course also lives in Canada but she doesn't look much like Dan. It was the first year I was blogging and was the first seed gift I ever received.

Those striped roman tomatoes look wonderful. I love striped tomatoes.

michelle said...

The Striped Romans look so interesting, they almost look like striped bell peppers. Too bad you had to pull the plant.

Fred said...

Meems- I was sorry to pull the plant as well, but it's alright. We got to try fried green tomatoes and the rest are ripening on our window sill.
GrafixMuse- I think im going to try a center stake and 1/2 inch wire fencing to make my own cages for next year.
Thyme2Garden- the striped romans were sweeter and less 'meaty' then the early girl.
Kitsap- We made some fried green tomatoes which were pretty good, we are going to make some more and we are going to let the rest ripen .
Daphne- thank you for correcting me, I've updated the post to report the accurate source of the beans. The beans were the first seed gift I received. Before I had even picked my plot, so thank you!
Michelle- They really do look like peppers. They are even hollow like peppers, most of the seeds are tightly bunched in the center of the tomato, they are delicious though!