Monday, October 25, 2010

Harvest Monday October 25th 2010

Harvests have really slowed down and come to a near halt lately. I've been clearing things out and preparing for next year. The garlic that I planted last week was mulched with hay this weekend, another bed was weeded and covered. The Bush Beans were pulled out of the ground as the temprature fluctuations have stopped pod production.
I manged to harvest one crop this week:

8.85 oz/250.89 g of Radish
Seasonal Total: 58.29 lbs/26.44 kg
Though I was only able to harvest Radishes this week they looked so plump and perfect as if they came straight from the farmers market! I was also able to harvest/snack on more raspberries as the 2 main raspberry canes continue produce a late fall crop.

If you want to see what others are harvesting or share in your own bounty, stop by Daphne's Dandelions the home of Harvest Monday.

While at the garden yesterday mulching my garlic and preparing more beds for the end of the season I was able to procure my own compost bin and a bunch of stones and bricks from the cleanup of an extra large plot that was being vacated right across from me. The compost bin is not large enough for all of my plant matter but will be a nice suppliment to the 3 large compost piles the garden society maintains for everyone.
I also noted my plants which are still in the ground and thriving: My Kale & Leeks are going strong. The leeks days are numbered though as I'm looking forward to another batch of delicious Leek & Potato soup and the Kale will be picked throughout the next few weeks. I also have the walking onions, which will be trimmed down and used as scallions, with the bulbs being mulched in the hopes of onion top sets next year. Parsley still has to be harvested and the Sage is going to be trimmed for winter along with the remaining chives and garlic chives which I'll be looking forward to this spring.
The garden is nearly put to rest for the winter, but there is still a little more to do and a little more to harvest.


TYRA said...

Hi Fred I think we have about the same stuff left out in our kitchen garden. I planted my garlic today, I had totally forgotten to plant them earlier. / Tyra

meemsnyc said...

Score on the compost bin! I planted radishes but they don't seem to want to grow at all. The only things we are harvesting still are pole beans and peppers.

kitsapFG said...

Hurrah for the compost bin acquisition! I always feel a little at a loss when the garden goes more quiet in winter. It's a nice feeling in a way to conclude some things and start planning for the next year, but I love the garden in spring/summer/fall and really would prefer to race through winter as fast as possible.

Congratulations on the radish harvest - I hope they were yummy!

Daphne said...

I still haven't gotten to planting my garlic. I was going to do it Monday but never got around to it. Hopefully it will go in tomorrow, but I'll see if it happens then.

debiclegg said...

My garlic needs to be planted but I will have to give my husband or the boys directions for getting it done since I just had surgery.

I marked your soup recipe to try later. Looks good.