Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Harvest Totals

My growing season is long over and the dark days are practically here. For my own records here are my harvest totals for 2010. This post is more for my own record keeping purpose's so go ahead and ignore it, more interesting content is surely on it's way!



Basil-3.160 lbs/1.433 kg
Scallions .25 oz/7.08 g
Chives-5.60 oz/ 158.76 g
Garlic Chives .5o oz/14.17 g
Cilantro-2 oz/56.70 g
Dill-3.25 oz/92.13 g
Parsley-11 oz/311.84 g
Sage-3.35 oz/94.97 g
Spearmint-11.53 oz/ 326.87 g
Beets-8.25 oz/233.88 g
Carrots-13.15 oz/372.80 g
Dry Beans -1.009 lbs/457.67 g
Mesclun-1.091 lbs/494.70 g
Onion-1.05 oz/29.77 g
Potato-1.659 lbs/752.51 g
Romaine-1.134 lbs/514.54 g
Spinach-1.10 oz/31.18 g
Tomatoes(Red)32.649 lbs /14.809 kg
Tomatoes(Green)3.44 lbs/1.56 kg
Wax Peppers- 1.787 lbs/810.57 g
Bell Peppers-3.631 lbs/1.647 kg
Cabbage-11.65 oz/ 330.27 g
Radish-1.2 lbs/544.331 g
Leeks- 3.116 lbs/ 1.413 kg
Bush Beans 11.85 oz/ 335.94 g
Kale 2.934 lbs/1.331 kg
Raspberry 1.5 oz/42.52 g
Total: 63.84 lbs/ 28.96 kg

Some great successes and a few failures. Worth noting for when I plan for next year!


meemsnyc said...

63 pounds! Impressive! It's good to keep a record of this so you can compare it to next years!

Anonymous said...

That's a very respectable harvest for your first garden. Now that you've got a year of experience, what will you grow next year?

Robin said...

Very good total for you first year!! I bet you are already planning the garden for next year! I know that I am!

Daphne said...

I've got all my totals in spreadsheets. I occasionally go back and check on something. It is really useful to have.