Monday, December 13, 2010


In my continued pursuit of better baking skills I have been trying new recipes and techniques to improve my arsenal. On Thursday and Friday I tried my hand at Brioche! Using acclaimed food writer Michael Ruhlman's recipe as my guide I was astounded with how great the results were on my first attempt:
The crust was dark and flaky and the crumb was soft and rich. It may not be the prettiest Brioche attempt but Gail and I were both extremely satisfied with the outcome.
Head over to where you will find the extremely satisfying recipe.
In the spirit of the Dark Days Challenge I kept the ingredients as local as possible using eggs, butter, and milk from local producers as well as bread flour from the fine folks at Four Star Farms who are committed to sustainable farming.

I'm not sure what is next in this ongoing baking experiment, maybe something on the sweet and decadent side.

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