Tuesday, December 7, 2010

more about Dark Days Challenge

I've gotten a few emails with good questions so here are some more details about the Dark Days Challenge:

The 88 participants hail from 30 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and Australia. The participants have been randomly divided into 6 groups. Over the next 4.5 months there will be 9 recap periods, each covering 2 meals or approximately 1 meal per week. Participants (yours truly) submit their Dark Days Challenge posts to each groups recapper who will then recap their groups activity and pass them on where the summaries for all the groups can be posted together over at (not so) Urban Hennery.

Grown Away is part of group 5. The other participants in my group are:
Eat Local Challenge (San Francisco, CA) (our group reccaper)
a.growing.girl (Washington)
A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa
Aagaard Farms/The Vine (Canada)
Three and a Third Homestead (Illinois)
Our Life In The Country (California)
deliajude (California)
estate gardener (Maine)
Fessenden Farmstead (Washington, DC)
FROM SCRATCH club (New York)
Hippie In Geeks Clothing (Michigan)
Nordic Walking Queen (Minnesota)
Snohomish Farmers Market Blog (Washington)
Sustainable Eats (Washington)

I am looking forward to seeing what those in Group 5 as well as the rest of the Dark Days Challenge participants are cooking and eating using local ingredients throughout the winter!

Here at Grown Away I don't have a set schedule to chronicle our attempt to eat more local meals throughout the winter but am hoping to post an entry at least once a week. If we're able to eat more then 1 meal per week focusing on SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, ethical) ingredients I will be summarizing them here as I see fit/have time. Obviously some weeks will feature more then 1 local meal while others will only feature the minimum (1 meal).

I will do my best to share as many recipes as well as the origin of the foods which make it into my dark days entries. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for entries tagged Dark Days to keep track of how I fare throughout the challenge!

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