Monday, January 31, 2011

Somerville Winter Farmers Market

Saturday morning, Gail and I returned to the Somerville Armory, scene of last weekends ONCE in Valhalla for the Somerville winter farmers market. This market had some truly great variety! Produce, Baked Goods (breads and more sweeter fair), jams/jellies, syrup & honey, cider, wine, chocolate, cheeses, cane sugar soda, assorted meats, and fish are just some of the items you could pick up at the market.
This market, in its first month (the first market was January 8th) grew out of demand for locally available produce during the winter months has a great location and a very nice variety of goods to purchase. with so many great vendors on tap for this market some of them rotate which weeks they will be at the market.
Here's what Gail & I got at the market this weekend:
-A 6-pack of Yacht Club Soda - (Centerdale, RI) 1 cherry cola, 1 fruit punch, 2 ginger ale, 2 ginger beer. Yacht club has been in business since 1915 and uses water from a well below their bottling facility and only cane sugar (no corn syrup) and natural ingredients in all of their sodas.
-Apples from Apex Orchards and a 5 lb jar of honey from the Honey Company at Apex Orchards (Shelburne, MA). We also got a 1/2 gallon of cider at the Apex table, which is made by Pine Hill Orchards (Colrain, MA).
-Sweet Potato, Carrots, & Salad Greens from NorthStar Farm (Westport, MA).
-Radishes & Beets from Winter Moon Farm (Hadley, MA)
-A Buffalo 'T-bone' steak from Cook's Farm & Bakery (Brimfield, MA/Newbury, VT)
-Chocolate covered cocoa nibs, guajilo chili discs, & cacao purr discs from Taza Chocolate (Somerville, MA)
-A monster baguette from Hi Rise Bread Co (Cambridge, MA)
-Mozzarella Cheese from Fiore Di Nonno (Somerville, MA) & 'A Barndance' cheese from Robinson's Farm (Hardwick, MA)

Another week and another great winter farmer's market trip!!


Daphne said...

Dang. I had heard they were thinking of putting up the farmers market there. But after a fanfare of newspaper articles saying they were thinking about it, there were none saying they did it. I figured it had failed. Nice to hear it hadn't. Now I just went and looked it up. The article in the paper wasn't until January. No wonder I couldn't find it in December when I went looking. Oh and wine from Massachusetts. I have to try that.

Sophie said...

Taza chocolate is superb! I use it to make hot chocolate.