Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dark Days Update #14: Ravioli & Roasted Beets

We are more then halfway through the Dark Days Challenge! Though the recaps have ceased due to real life issues of the host of the challenge I have decided to keep pressing on as it has been a lot of fun, and a good way to keep the blog updated in the colder months when there isn't any gardening to report on. This is the 14th meal I am featuring with at least 7 more to come until the challenge ends (April 15th). Some weeks have been more creative then others. Some required cooking a meal from scratch while others came straight from the freezer or were picked up at one of the local winter markets.
This week's meal required very little extra effort on our part as the majority was already prepared and the main component was picked up this past Saturday at the winter market.

Last night Gail and I enjoyed garlic basil ravioli with goat cheese. We topped it with our last jar of homemade pasta sauce from the summer. I had mine with an absolutely delicious rosemary, red wine & feta cheese lamb sausage (pictured above). The sausage was a perfect compliment to the hearty sauce and ravioli!
On the side we had a bowl of roast golden and chioggia beets with mozzarella and our remaining chive goat cheese from a few weeks ago. The golden and striped beets added a colorful element to our dinner.

No recipes this week as roasting beets and tossing them with salt doesn't require instructions, nor does boiling water for ravioli.

Here is a look at what was local from last night's dinner:
Ravioli & Mozzarella Cheese (Fior D'Italia), Beets (Winter Moon Farm), Lamb Sausage & Goat Cheese (West River Creamery/Iceberg Farm), Pasta Sauce (our Garden & Summer Farmer's Markets).

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