Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Happenings

The garden and I have come out of our winter slumber and things are slowly coming to life. The garlic is flourishing, radishes have sprouted, and the kale and arugula look pretty great. We're waiting on more lettuce, carrots, and bush beans to sprout as well. We also planted a little huckleberry plant we picked up at a local nursery.
We also picked up some beautiful looking tomato, zucchini, marigold and pepper seedlings that will be going in the ground soon.
Pictured above is our collection of pepper seedlings- jalepeno, cubanelle, and 'Golden Summer' bell pepper as well as marigolds.
Below are the Tomato and Zucchini seedlings. We are growing Speckled Roman's for sauce and Cherokee purple because Gail thought they look nice and I never met a tomato I didn't love!
In the front you can also see our 'bush baby' zucchini seedlings:
We didn't have luck with our own zucchini last year so we are going with a mini variety to save space and starting with seedlings to increase our odds this year!

The bed all the peppers, tomatoes, and most of the marigolds will be planted in is going to be worked over just as soon as the weather cooperates. Once that is done the garden will be in full production mode!

Also, my kitchen counter seed starting experiment was not very successful but if any of these mini broccoli or leeks toughen up they might find their way to the garden as well:
If the weather and critters cooperate we'll be harvesting loads of tomatoes, peppers, and hopefully zucchini!!


Daphne said...

I need to get some more pepper plants soon. I figured I'd wait until the rain is almost over before I do though. It's cold out there.

GrafixMuse said...

Your seedling look really good. I am visiting a local nursery this weekend to see what they have for peppers. It will be hard to resist bringing home something unexpected.

Fred said...

Daphne- If I had to wait until the weather cooperated to buy my pepper seedlings there wouldn't be any left!!
GrafixMuse- The garden center did a great job! All of the seedlings look great! We got an unexpected surprise at the garden center- the huckleberry plant!

Robin said...

I bet if you plant those broccoli and leeks, they will do just fine. It always amazes me how seedlings transform once they are in the ground!