Monday, September 19, 2011

Harvest Monday September 19 2011

Another week, another great harvest, including some great looking carrots, the last of our peppers and some more delicious tomatoes!!
Here is a look at this weeks harvest:
Tomato - 7.92 lbs (126.65 oz)
Carrots - 4.60 oz
Bell Pepper- 3.00 oz
Jalapeno Pepper- 5.65 oz
Gypsy Pepper-4.25 oz
Wax Pepper-14.00 oz
Cubanelle Pepper- 1.26 lbs (20.25 oz)
Total for this week: 11.15 lbs (178.14 oz)
Total for the season: 50.85 lbs (813.60 oz)

Crossed the 50 pound mark! Only 13 lbs  or so to match last years total. It is going to be very close, but I think we can do it. All in all I am impressed with the nearly 15 lbs of peppers we grew this year from only 6 plants, especially the Jalapeno's. 2 small plants kept going and going until this weeks cold finished them off.

For the upcoming week I am going to weed, turn, and amend the soil for garlic planting, and slowly transition some stuff to fall garden and transition some stuff to bed.

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Veggie PAK said...

That's a great harvest for only six plants! Way to go!