Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cider in the City at Allandale Farm

Despite a steady rainfall which put a damper on the barrel fire and cider pressing, last nights Cider in the City event at Allandale Farm was packed with young and old alike sampling a variety of lesser known apple varieties paired with cheeses from around the world! There was also the cider. Hot & cold cider circulated around with an offering of hard ciders from Farnum Hill Ciders from Lebanon, NH's own Poverty Lane Orchards!
The abundance of cheese and apples (one of my favorite food combination) would have been enough for me, but the addition of hard ciders along with some other delicious treats made this a really fun, and only slightly crowded event!
We even took home some treats with us! Our haul included cheese: Valdeon, a really nice earthy blue as well as a buttery smooth Manchego! Along with the cheese we also brought home 2 bags of  apples, 2 small rosemary seedlings, a few cider donuts and a gallon of cider (duh!).
With the farmstand ringing with laughter and conversation and full of seasonal produce specialty goods from Allandale and other producers, the event felt like a kickoff to the thanksgiving/holiday/winter season. The event left me in really great spirits and has me looking forward to the upcoming weeks of food and celebration with friends, family, and loved ones.
What has gotten you in a seasonal mood? Are you ready to celebrate?


Shaheen said...

'Cider in the city' love it.

Fred said...

Allandale happens to be the last working farm in Boston's City Limits and they let people know it!