Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 In Progress (January)

I am back with my (hopefully) weekly recap of some various things I have been enjoying. I am still tweaking the formula so the content might change but the general idea is the same - here is a peek at some highlights from the past week.

Organic or Local?? I say transparent - Maria's Farm Country Kitchen
Conversation with Barbara Lynch - New York Times
Egypt: A Riche History - The Economist
Second Nature - Michael Pollan (finally managed to finish this between reading about a dozen other things)

Marking the New Year - The Big Picture - Boston Globe
Taste the Waste trailer - from vimeo. Also available at Taste the Waste.

listening to:
moe. 12/30/2011 State Theater Portland, ME
moe. 12/31/2011 State Theater Portland, ME
after a spectacular New Years weekend in Portland it has been really great being able to go back and listen to both shows which were spectacularly played and well worth the listen if you are into this sort of thing.

coffee we are drinking this week: House Blend - This is a medium roast Columbian blend that is shade-grown, fair trade, and organic. It has a rich carmel taste and an aroma of dark chocolate with a hint of vanilla. What is nice is the coffee is roasted as it is ordered. When I received my coffee a few weeks ago it had a tag on it indicating it had been roasted and shipped within a day and arrived only a few days later. I like a variety of coffee covering the entire range of the roasting spectrum, and generally find blends to be, on the whole, over roasted and having a charred or burnt flavor, so I was really pleased when this coffee had a nice strong aroma but a pleasant and lighter then expected taste and presence. Definitely worth trying!! is an online entertainment & pop culture site that features loads of great content all things geek related, tons of giveaways, and a slew of podcasts, some of which I am a big fan of.  I received a bag of the coffee in a trade from Widgett at Need Coffee. I sent him 2 bottles of the great Captain's Coffee Brewers cold brewed coffee that I love so much. I didn't agree to review their coffee or anything, but I found it particularly tasty and thought I would share the love and my thoughts!
If you are into pop culture, geekery, and need a bit of a laugh be sure to check out and their podcasts!

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