Thursday, January 26, 2012

Copco Customer Service Appreciation

These days it is pretty common to hear about poorly designed items and crappy customer service, especially with how connected today's consumers are thanks to social media and the Internet as a whole. I thought it would be nice to share a positive customer service experience.
I drink a fair amount of coffee (and sometimes tea). 2 years ago I picked up a Copco Eco-First hot mug because it was BPA free, affordable, and looked pretty durable.  I was quite happy with my travel mug and used it pretty regularly. I had a few other travel mug's but this one was definitely my favorite and was used most often. A few weeks ago I noticed the lid to my mug had cracked in a few places - probably the result of me dropping the mug or beating it up, not at all due to poor construction. Hoping to be able to purchase a replacement lid for my mug I turned to social media and mentioned on twitter that the cap on my mug was cracked, and if anyone knew if they would sell just a replacement top. A few days later someone at the helm of the Copco twitter account let me know they were looking into this and would get back to me. Hours later I was asked to privately message my mailing address to the Copco account, and was told that customer service would replace my cracked lid.
I was extremely happy, though purchasing a $10 mug would not break the bank I thought it was a great gesture by the Copco folks to replace my lid, and all it took was a shot in the dark over twitter. I got a package in the mail a few days ago from Copco, but the box was a bit bigger then I was expecting, mainly due to the fact that instead of replacing my cracked lid Copco decided to send me a new hot mug - no questions asked!
I know it isn't that big of a deal to replace a relatively inexpensive piece of plastic with a new one, but I feel that Copco customer service went beyond my expectations in providing me a new mug instead of simply sending me a new cap, and for that they have earned my appreciation and support. So if you are in the market for a travel mug, hot or cold check out Copco - they may have one you like!


Sharon Shiner said...

That is great customer service!!!

meemsnyc said...

Wow, talk about awesome customer service! Really cool indeed!

Anonymous said...

How Nice! from your link I contacted them and they are sending me a lid as soon as they get a new shipment. It is very nice that you made this to appreciate good customer service.

peruser said...
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peruser said...

I agree - great customer service! My family has several (~6) of the Copco Eco-first cups and the lids were wearing out after a couple years use (lost gaskets, one lid cracked). I was searching online about new lids and found your post. You inspired me to contact Wilton about where to get new lids (i was willing to pay) so I wouldn't have to buy entirely new cups. Well, a big Kudos/applause to Wilton. They sent a package of new lids - even arrived on my birthday! I was jazzed! Excellent customer service!

Anonymous said...

I was told that they do not have replacement lids and the lady who answered the phone was not very friendly.