Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 In Progress (February)

What I Eat: Around the World In 80 Diets - Faith D'Alusio & Peter Menzel
Lifebook - WebUrbanist
Object Cancers - BLDGBLOG

Oyster mushrooms growing on our kitchen counter!
Syria Fighting Continues - The Big Picture 

listening to:
Mr. P - Patrice O'Neal legendary comedian Patrice O'Neal passed away late last year at the all too young age of 42. This album was recorded and scheduled to be released before he passed away.

coffee we are drinking this week: We are continuing with Coffee By Design's Colombia Antioquia Jardin Alma Del Cafe. Coffee By Design is one of the two local micro-roasters in Portland, ME I got beans from New Years weekend. The coffee is a nice strong and bold cup that has a slightly sweet finish, as if there was honey already in the cup. 
Both Gail and I have had a little less coffee this week and have been drinking a little more tea.

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