Monday, February 6, 2012

Wayland & SoWa Markets 2/4 - 2/5

This weekend we were all over the place getting local goodies for the coming week as well as for the (quite disappointing) super bowl. On Saturday we hit up the Wayland Winter Market and Sunday morning I dashed off to the south end for a quick trip to The Butcher Shop & SoWa Winter Market.
Wayland Winter Market haul
We got a great variety of produce, meats, and specialty goods at the Wayland Market- Apples from Charlton Orchards. Carrots from Terrosa Farm. A variety of radishes and potatoes from Red Fire Farm. Equinox cheese, maple pork sausage and bacon from West River Creamery. A bag of Ehtiopian Yirgacheffe coffee from Karma Coffee Roasters. A 4-pack of Tower Root Beer from the appropriately named Tower Root Beer. Savory Syrah finishing salt & Curry Sugar from didi davis food, proprieter of Salt Traders, and a chunky granola bar from the Danish Pastry House. Along with all the great food we picked up Gail and I also had the pleasure of meeting Lara from Good Cook Doris, her husband, and their delightfully cute baby. It was great meeting a fellow local food and cooking enthusiast, and what better place then a winter market to do so!
SoWa & Butcher Shop Sunday haul
Sunday I had to make a quick trip to The Butcher Shop. Earlier in the week they sent out an email with their Super Bowl specials that Gail had forwarded on to me. When I finally finished salivating over the menu I called them up and ordered to pints of pulled pork and a 1/2 lb of their buffalo chicken galantine. While the butcher pulled my order together we began chatting and he mentioned they had some fresh made pastrami on hand. After a quick sample I was sold! From the Butcher Shop I took home the 2 pints of pulled pork, a 1/2 lb of buffalo chicken galantine, and enough pastrami for a few mid-week sandwiches. The pulled pork was moist and the barbecue sauce was tangy without being overly sweet and had a bit of residual heat that I really enjoyed.
Seeing as how I was just around the corner I made a quick stop at the SoWa Winter Market to say hello to a few of the vendors. I also picked up a small jar of lavender honey from The Herb Lyceum. Stew beef from John Crow Farm, and a bag of Hope Blend from Captain's Coffee Brewers. A lot of running around in an all too busy weekend.

where does the time go?

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