Monday, February 27, 2012

Wayland Winter Market 2/25

Gail and I visited an extremely busy Wayland Winter Market this past Saturday. We arrived just a few minutes after the market was officially open and there was already a line of nearly 20 people waiting to get produce from one particular vendor. There was barely enough room for people to squeeze by each other as we went from vendor to vendor. No matter though, we persevered and wound our way through the vendors, leaving the market with an impressive and delicious haul!

We took home a bag of salad greens, white sweet potatoes, and a bag of potatoes from Red Fire Farm. Two bottles of Ginger Libation from Green River Ambrosia. A nice sampling of pickled goods from Grillo's Pickles including pickled grapes, pickled carrots, and half sour pickles. Micro salad greens from E & T Farms. Carrots, radishes, and beets from Winter Moon Farm. Smoked Cambridge and Herdsman Cheeses from West River Creamery. Country style pork ribs and Dragon Stout Mustard from Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds.  Steak tips and beef liver from Charlton Orchard. A new(ish) vendor for the Wayland Market (but a favorite from other locales), Doves & Figs had one of my favorites - Cape Escape an amazing cranberry puree with Taza Chocolate! We also took home some baked goods from the Danish Pasty House - a chocolate croissant, a bourbon chocolate pecan tart, and a savory baguette - not pictured is the ginger chew cookie that only made it to the car, where it was promptly devoured by Gail and I.
What we love so much about this market is the great variety of produce and local foods available from some really friendly and passionate vendors. The Wayland Market is easily our favorite Winter Market, which is why once it is open for the season we frequent it far more then they other markets.


meemsnyc said...

Wow! What a score of yummy goodness. How nice that you have access to such a great market.

Fred said...

We are lucky to have a few really great winter markets in the area but the Wayland market is clearly my favorite.