Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Mushroom Harvest

No visits to any local Winter Markets this weekend as I was busy helping out my family and unable to plan a trip, so instead I am providing an update on the Back To The Roots mushroom kit.
Though it was slow going with the second fruiting we were able to finally get a small harvest last week.
When we left for Florida one side of the kit was showing a few signs of fresh growth and a few dried out mushrooms that seemed to stop growing out of nowhere. When we returned I saw this entire patch had grown in the 4 days we were gone! A small and unexpected harvest of 2.65 oz.
The kit looked to have lots more growth in it so I soaked it for an additional 24 hours between Thursday & Friday night and returned it to the box hoping for another fruiting (or 2 or 3).
I have also added a mushroom harvest tally in the left hand column to keep track of current and future harvests!


Robin said...

How exciting! I have never grown mushrooms. They are on my list of things to grow for "The Italian". I am not a real big mushroom fan. So, they get pushed to the bottom of my list.

Fred said...

Robin - I am not the biggest fan of mushrooms but am trying to incorporate more into my diet. You can get him one of these kits and he can grow them on his own!!