Friday, March 2, 2012

Dark Days Meal # 13: Salad, Artichoke & Boursin Ravioli with Turkey Sausage

The Dark Days Challenge is on! Running until March 31, 2012 over 100 participants will be doing our best to cook and blog about one meal per week featuring SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, ethical) ingredients. Recaps will be hosted by the blog collective Not Dabbling in Normal where you can follow along with all of the other participants.

This weeks Dark Days meal brings us back to the world of Ravioli. All winter we have kept 2 or 3 packages of local ravioli in our freezer. We are fortunate that there are a few amazing local ravioli & pasta producers (Valicenti Organico & Nella Pasta being our favorites) who frequent the Winter Markets.  Gail and I love pasta and our major canning experience this summer was in producing jars and jars of delicious homemade sauce using fresh local ingredients at the height of summer.  Great local pasta and jars of our own homemade sauce make cooking a healthy and delicious meal after a long day of work much much easier.

This week enjoyed a (not pictured) salad of Red Fire Farm mixed greens with Winter Moon Farm radish and carrots, a Charlton Orchards apple, and West River Creamery Herdsman Cheese. After the salad came artichoke & boursin cheese ravioli from Valicenti Organico with a jar of our homemade sauce that  mixed with a few Red Fire Farm onions. To round out the meal I added an Italian turkey sausage from Bob's Turkey Farm.
Nothing fancy, but it tasted good and we had plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day! What local goodies have you been cooking up lately?

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