Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Kitchen Utensils

Gail and I picked up some handmade kitchen tools this past weekend at the Paradise City Arts Festival. Gail had previously bought a butter dish and spreader from Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons and was excited for us to check out their full selection at Paradise City.
We ended up with a bundle of assorted utensils and made plans to purchase even more in the future as we both really like Jonathan's work. Here is a look at the spoons that made it home with us:
The Spice Spoon & Honey Stick. Given my honey obsession
I am sure to get some miles out of that one. 
A pair of slightly curved cooking spoons and a fancy tasting
spoon that we picked out of the irregulars box.
Marmalade Spoon & Pickle Fork round out
the utensil shopping spree.
We were definitely in need of a few more basic wooden spoons like those in the 2nd picture but others, like the Honey Stick and Pickle Fork were impulse buys that I was happy to make. The spoons, along with the butter dish and spreaders and the cutting board set I previously gifted to Gail have started us off with a nice collection of handmade wooden kitchen items that I am sure will grow bigger over time.

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