Monday, March 5, 2012

SoWa Market 3/4

Gail and I elected to spend Saturday hanging out at home and relaxing opting to make a trip to the SoWa Winter Market on Sunday rather then the Wayland Market that we have been visiting lately. We've got a short week coming up and weren't in need of much so we enedd up grabbing a few staples as well as some snacks.
We got a strip steak & eggs from John Crow Farm. Pumpkin & Brie ravioli as well as sage fettucini from Valicenti Oganico. Mousakaa and stuffed grape leaves from Samira's homemade. Apples from Silverbrook Farm. A few more small packages of Q's Nuts, and two jars of lemon-verbena honey from the Herb Lyceum. The honey and some of the nuts are being gifted to others.
I also grabbed a copy of the Spring issue of edible Boston.

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