Friday, April 6, 2012

No. 9 Park - Tasting Menu

Gail and I, along with my family recently had the pleasure of enjoying the Chef's tasting menu at No. 9 Park.  I will not give a breakdown of every dish on the menu, but at our table we had a vegetarian tasting, a seafood free tasting, and their usual tasting menu for the week. Everything was cooked well and the presentation was absolutely beautiful. By look and taste there were a few dishes that definitely stood out in our party:
Peekytoe Crab Salad - asparagus, tangerine, Marcona almonds. I am allergic to seafood and did not eat this dish, but it looked stunning and everyone at the table who did eat it was very pleased.
Moral Mushroom Tartlet - petite salade, herbed chevre, truffle vinaigrette vegetarian menu. Very creative dish and it tasted fantastic. A nice blend of flavors that was presented beautifully.
Saffron Couscous - merguez, fava beans, Greek yogurt. The merguez was very flavorful, but the saffron couscous was the star of this dish, and was also featured in a later dish on the vegetarian menu.
Potato & Ramp Tortellini -  fava beans, sauce Americaine vegetarian menu These tortellini tasted as if they were born of fall and spring. Great combination.
Prune Stuffed Gnocchi- foie gras, almonds, Vin Santo. A No. 9 Park signature dish. The vegetarian option was served without foie gras. Either way it is many complex flavors delicately balanced in one bight.
Chocolate Cookie & Homemade Marshmellow. Not really a dessert course, but when the check was put on the table it came on a plate arranged with small homemade marshmellows and delicate chocolate cookies. A nice conclusion to a memorable meal that left everyone thoroughly impressed with the structure of the dishes, presentation of the food, and overall attention to detail.

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