Friday, May 11, 2012

The Gallows!

The last few weeks have seen me eating out much more than usual, and nearly everything I've been eating has been fantastic. Great burgers at Grassfed, suckling pig at Citizen Public House, great bites at Redd's in Rozzie, and a really awesome and incredibly satisfying trip to The Gallows. The Gallows, in Boston's South End touts itself as a loud and fun place to have a cocktail and some food. The menu changes frequently and sharing items is encouraged. Our party of 6 split a selection of appetizers and small plates including a creamy buffalo chicken dip, scotch egg, 'early spring' poutine (vegetarian), house made pickle plate, and brown sugar cauliflower.  For our main's we had a 'brontosaurus' spare rib, a few burgers, a ploughman's board, and a plate of duel sides (the incredible carrot & Brussels sprout gratin with horseradish & roasted asparagus with kimchi & topped with fried egg).  We also sampled a few of their cocktails. The Empress Josephine (cucumber, rose gin, lemon) being voted crowd favorite. 
Since it opened almost a year ago The Gallows has been met with nothing but praise, and after our meal there I would say rightfully so as everything we had tasted great and we left full and happy. 
The food was so delicious that snapping some pictures was no easy task but I did manage to get a few:
The scotch egg (above features a soft boiled egg, a crispy sausage outside and fresh chives. Though I prefer the egg to be hard boiled, this was tasty and the crispy sausage wasn't too greasy. 
The early spring poutine was AMAZEBALLS! Perfectly crispy (and not at all greasy) fries, asparagus, ramps, chives and a creamy cheese sauce. This was promptly devoured by most of the table.
I picked the Ploughman as my entree because I am a sucker for a charcuterie board. This one did not disappoint. Top row: veal tartare, house pickled carrot & radish, Cabot Clothbound cheddar, bread
Bottom row: crisp lamb belly rillettes, green tomato chutney, mustard, chicken liver pate.
This was great. First, the amount of bread they provided was enough for most of my board, which was nice. Second, they provided a nice wedge of cheese to go along with my cured meats which was great. Third, their house made pickles and chutney were very good, and finally, the meat itself was awesome! I'm not a huge tartar fan but the veal tartare was flavorful and not overpowering. The crisp lamb rillettes were out of this world good - something I'd love to attempt on my own.

Overall the meal was really great. Boston has an exciting restaurant scene full of many options, making it hard to go back to a restaurant multiple times, even a good one, but I look forward to coming back to The Gallows as often as I can get down there!

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