Monday, November 16, 2009

About me:

So here I am. It's fall in greater Boston. For a lot of people their gardening is wrapped up for the season. For me, the Gardening has just begun.
I am 26 years old and have spent my entire life (aside from attending college in central NY state) in and around Boston.
Currently I live in Brighton, MA a neighborhood in the northwest corner of Boston. Aside from gardening I love hockey, music, cooking and, in general good food.
Food is what brings me to the world of Gardening. In the Summer of 2008 my girlfriend and I signed up for produce delivery from Boston Organics. Similar to a CSA, every 2 weeks we receive a bin full of fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Over the course of time our bimonthly produce guide us in our cooking/meal choices. Along with this we began frequenting the plethora of Farmers Markets in our area.
Here we are. November of 2009. After some serious research I have decided it would be extremely challenging, fun, and satisfying to grow my own herbs & vegetables.
In theory, growing fresh herbs and vegetables is a great idea. In practice there are some minor issues:
~The girlfriend and I live in a 3rd floor condo with no green space.
~I currently posses no gardening equipment.
~It's been more then a few years since I had a garden, and I need to brush up on gardening tips and practices.

I've compiled enough research regarding what to grow and success in the garden that I'd like to make a serious attempt at a vegetable/herb garden next year. I am in the process of applying for a plot at a local community garden (more on that later). The early part of this blog (through spring) will cover my planning, ideas, cost, and development of the garden. Next spring focus will shift to what I'm doing and what is growing.

I'll also blog about my bimonthly organic food deliveries and some random cooking adventures. A general mishmash of gardening & food bloggery.
Stick around, it should be fun.


Daphne said...

Gardening tools can add up. I was really lucky. When I got my first house, my husband's grandmother gave us her old tools. Over the years some have had to be replaced, but I still use her old hoe and garden rake.

Fred said...

Daphne-I've been looking around and noticed how expensive tools can be. My girlfriend and I plan on sorting through our parents homes to see if anything can be pilfered. I'm guessing that close to half our tools may be obtained from family which will be nice to ease the cost.

mangocheeks said...

Nice to make you acquaintance Fred.

I know whats its like have living in a flat and having no green space, it was part of the reason I got an allotment.

Anyway, I look forward to reading about your ventures on growing your own and maybe even cookign your own on your new blog. Ah the joys to come...

Fred said...

Thanks for the welcome mangocheeks!
Hopefully there's more to come. First step is to get a plot at a community garden squared away!

ferne said...

I hope you enjoy your gardening adventure! Your blog makes for a very interesting read so keep it up!