Thursday, November 19, 2009

Applying for a Plot.

As I began researching the viability of a vegetable garden the biggest obstacle was clearly my lack of land or a garden plot to put my plans in action.
I've take the first steps to solve this problem by applying for a plot at the Fenway Victory Gardens. Based on a quick look at last years maps there were anywhere between 5 and 15 open plots of 410+ found at the site. The application was general contact info & volunteer availibility.
I hope that getting an application for 2010 so early will have my high on the list. Ideally I'd love to have a plot assigned to me by February so I can really get detailed with my plans.

Some info on the The Richard D. Parker Memorial Victory Gardens/Fenway Victory Gardens and the surrounding park:
The Fenway Victory Gardens were established by the City of Boston in 1942.In the midst of World War II, with food rationing growing the City designated a wide variety of public land and parks for citizens to grow their own vegetables and herbs.
The gardens sit on 7 acres of land within The Back Bay Fens a piece of urban wild/parkland designed by renowned Landscape Architect Frederick Law Olmstead! The Fens was originally saltwater marshland which had been filled in as Boston expanded. Olmsted was tasked with designing an ecologically healthy park that could be used for recreational enjoyment. Today the Fens is a lush park & recreation area running alongside a small freshwater stream/lagoon.
The main enterance of the victory gardens looks directly at the right field entrance of Fenway Park.
Some Goolge Maps overheads of the gardens are below:

The Gardens are on the right. Fenway Park is in the upper left.

The Park (left) & Central (right) sections.

The Boylston section.

A more detailed map of the gardens and their sections can be found at the Fenway Victory Gardens.

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Ottawa Gardener said...

I'm looking forwad to all your (mis)adventures at the plot. This must be exciting, finally to hopefully have some dirt!