Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This Weeks Organic Produce.

Our Boston Organics box comes early this week due to Thanksgiving (thursday is our usual delivery day):
From this region:
1 lbs Empire Apples (VT)
1 Gala Apples (ME)
1 lbs Carrots (MA)
1.5 lbs Delicata Squash (MA)
1 head Red Leaf Lettuce (MA)
1 lbs Red Onions (MA)
1.5 lbs Sweet Potatoes (MA)

From beyond:
1.5 lbs Fair Trade Bananas (Ecuador)
2 Bosc Pears (CA)
1 Red Anjou Pears (CA)
2 Satsuma Mandarins (CA)
1 bunch Broccoli (CA)
2 Hamlin Oranges (FL)

No suprise that the citrus and Bananas are coming from further away but pears from storage and fall broccoli could be found in new england this time of year. It was nice during the summer when nearly the entire box (aside from bananas and an occasional orange) was coming from new england. note: the Red Anjou Pear was spectacular!

This is our 3rd box in a row (we get a box every 2 weeks) with delicata squash. Good thing I love me some squash! I've been trying to find fun ways to cook these little guys aside from the traditional baking methods. I've also managed to save quite a few Delicata seeds.


Curbstone Valley said...

I've been experimenting with some different recipes this year for the winter squashes. Our CSA provided a LOT of delicata and butternut squash this season too. One of my favorite recipes at the moment, is pizza. Make (or buy) a standard pizza crust. Then layer some shredded gouda cheese, caramelized onions, and lightly roasted squash (I cut the delicata into thin rounds and roast on a cookie sheet at 400 for 10-15 min). In the last few minutes of baking the pizza, add a few fried sage leaves, and a light sprinkle of crumbled gorgonzola. You'll never order pizza for delivery again! Substituting butternut squash works great too, and is very colorful for a fall pizza. Enjoy!

Fred said...

Thanks for the great pizza idea! I'll be sure to try that out.

mangocheeks said...

Ooh I like the pizza idea too.

Gloria Bonde said...

I love, love the sweetness of a roasted delicata squash. We just had it for lunch. I like to roast in the oven squash, potatoes onions, tomatoes, green peppers. Eat some and use the left overs in a quiche. Take about 3 cups of veggies to 1 cup of milk, 4 eggs, one & 1/2 cups cheese, spices and bake in single pie crust. This is good - Gloria

Fred said...

Thanks Gloria!
I might have to start a 2nd blog to keep track of the recipes/cooking tips ill be getting from people!

Autumn Belle said...

Fred, you have a great start here on your blog. Welcome to Blotanical. Do keep up the good work.

azplantlady said...

Hello Fred,

What a great assortment of produce. I am looking forward to seeing your planning being put to action this spring.

Welcome to Blotanical!

Flowers said...
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ferne said...

We have been enjoying those Delicata squash here in Northern California also. We have just been slicing in half seeding and baking then drizzle with butter and a little maple syrup. I have saved some seeds and plan to grow my own next summer.