Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I recieved my first seed packet in the mail. Not from a seed company but from Ottawa Gardener over at The Veggie Patch Re-imagined! 3 weeks ago she posted a free seed offer. A few days before I started this blog I sent an email requested Garlic Chive seeds. The seeds arrived saturday moring. Most of the seeds are going to be saved for spring but I'll be planting some this week to grow indoors as I've got the itch to grow something, and these seems like just the thing.

My indoor planting space/system consists of various windowsills and planters made from recycled yogurt cups, juice/milk cartons, and soda bottles.


Ryan said...

Garlic chives are awesome Fred! I have a good little patch growing in a container in my yard. They need to be looked after for awhile before you can use em, but once established they are great. Good thing you are starting now. They should be looking like something around your summertime. Cheers

Fred said...

Ryan-I love chives & garlic chives! I'm planning to have them sitting on a windowsill so looking after them shouldn't be much of a problem. Hopefuly sometime down the road I'll have some strong and healthy garlic chives to enjoy in the kitchen.