Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting ready to Welcome 2010.

My last three New Years Eve celebrations have been remarkable.
'06/'07 & '07/'08 found me at New York City's Radio City Music Hall watching my favorite Band preforming, mere blocks from Time Square watching my favorite Band preforming utterly fantastic shows that lasted well into the morning.
'08/'09 I was priveledged to see Jazz Pianist savand Hiromi performing for NPR's toast of the nation, followed by an utterly delicious dinner with my girlfriend which culminated in the chef owner(a local food star) and his pastry chef/wife greeting the remaining diners with warm handshakes and a champagne toast.
This year music & carousing all night are taking a back seat to a small delicious dinner amongst close friends. The lady and I will be hosting my best friend & his girlfriend as well as the lady's best friend & her boyfriend.
New Years Eve Menu
Cheese Plate- 3 artisanal cheeses
Myster appetizer (cooked by my best friend a very accomplished cook)
Mashed Sweet Potato
Bison & Pork Garlic Meatloaf
Something Sweet and Decadent
I am in charge of the Ratatiouille & Meatloaf. Meatloaf ingredients are free range, localy raised hormone free Bison & Pork as well as locally grown carrorts and garlic.
Ratatouille ingredients will be aquired from whole foods tomorrow.
If the dinner is a success and we manage to stop the guests from devouring I will post a picture or 3.
Cheers to all!
Wishing everyone a happy and joyous 2010!


debsgarden said...

Your menu sounds delicious. I hope you and your friends enjoy the good food and fellowship and that you will have happy gardening in 2010.

Thomas said...

This looks like a great menu. I hope you had a great meal!