Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wayland Winter Farmer's Market!

This past saturday was the 1st Wayland Winter Farmer's Market. Held at the wonderful Russell's Garden Center the various vendors were dispersed throughout the store amid living breathing plants (a lovely sight for mid-winter).

Here is a rundown of some of the goods we picked up:
1 lb of Stew Meat from Springdell Farm

2 lbs of almond granola from the folks at BOLA Granola

1 container of Zesty Ful Medammes & 1 container of Jalapeno Hummus from Samira's Homemade (as well as flatbread)
2 jars of Number 9 salsa from Paino Organics
HUGE radishes, carrots & beets (not pictured onions & baby bok choy) from Red Fire Farm.

It was great to see so many vendors and excited shoppers turn out on a saturday afternoon for the market. Not all of the vendors listed on Boston Localvores were there, but most were (my guess is that some may rotate). The vendors were incredibly friendly and there was a ton of fantastic produce and products offered.
The beef stew meat found it's way into some fantastic chili (more
on that later), the granola is a wonderful addition to my yogurt and the Ful Medammes (think hummus but made from fava beans) will be gone soon. All in all i'd say the market was a success and I really look forward to returning soon.
One final treat: While wandering around
Russell's Garden Center I came upon a delicious smelling Chocolate Mint plant. Partly because of the smell & partly out of my desire for more plants in my living space I decided to purchase it:
(Mentha × piperita - Chocolate Mint)


Dan said...

Nice haul! The granola looks great. I have not made any in ages, I should.

pegmal said...

I have never had a better tasting granola than Bola Granola. You can't put the bag down!