Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Weeks Organic Produce.

The usual note: I do not grow the produce pictured, it is courtesy ofBoston Organics. Their mission is to deliver organic produce, focusing on convenience, variety and value. Whenever possible they support local & regional farms by providing as much produce as possible from the region. When they cannot provide local produce they receive produce from a variety of farms along the eastern seaboard, northern california, the pacific northwest, & tropical fruit from equal exchange organic farms in central america. My girlfriend and I have been receiving a $29 dollar 1/2 fruit 1/2 vegetable box every other week for the last 18 months. We don't pick what comes in the box (though they do have a 'no list') and have been really impressed with their customer service. The few times we had a problem with certain produce they responded promptly and provided us with additional items at our next delivery-free of charge!
The rundown-
From around here:
1.5 lbs of purple fingerling potatoes (VT)
1 lb of Carrots (MA)
1 Rutabaga (NH)
1 lb Empire Apples (VT)
From beyond:
2 Bosc Pears (WA)
1 bunch Broccoli (CA)
1 bunch Green Leaf Lettuce (FL)
1 Green Pepper (FL)
2 Honey Mandarins (FL)
2 Hamlin Oranges (FL)
2 Sunburst Tangerines (FL)
From even further beyond:
1.5 lbs Bananas (Ecuador)

Now that the holidays have passed, we are back to our usual every other thursday delivery schedule. The lettuce is crisp and the fingerling potatoes and broccoli look exceptionally good. The mandarin was bursting with juice and the empire apples are crispy, juicy and full of flavor. I am very pleased with this box & the taste/quality of its contents.
I was also informed that a friend of mine who lives a few streets away has signed up for a weekly delivery from Boston Organics. Instead of 1/2 fruit & 1/2 vegetable like myself she is getting a 'dogma box' each week. The dogma box consists of fruits and vegetables which are sourced as closed to Boston as possible. No 'no lists' or substitutes. In the 6-7 months they have offered the Dogma box items have come from New England, upstate NY and Quebec. In the winter root veggies, storage crops, & storage apples make up the box. In the spring/summer/early fall it is chock full of variety.
I've considered switching to the dogma box and am interested in seeing what her experience is.

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