Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting down and dirty at the new plot!

This weekend Gail and I were finally to get to work on our plot at the Fenway Victory Gardens. We both had friday off and were able to spend most of friday and saturday working on our plot. We met quite a few of our neighbors while we worked. It's really nice to feel the sense of community as complete strangers came by and said hello or struck up a conversation with us. We were offered tips on identifying some of the major weeds in our plot, given advice on having a successful plot, and we were even gifted a few plants! The knowledge that many of our fellow plot holders passed to us went a long way in helping us prepare the plot. We also managed to meet some of the animal inhabitants of the gardens:
Gail spotted these mourning doves with her young expertly camouflaged in a neighbors plot. We don't know anything about birds, but were fortunate enough to intrude on a group of birders (thank you Gail) who were able to identify the species. We also learned that it was a great surprise the nest was so out in the open and the birds were really relying on their ability to blend in rather then having a nest on safer, higher ground. According to the birders the young were between 2 and 4 weeks old.
After the short distraction it was time to get to down to business. Here is look at what we managed to accomplish with two days of hard work on plot Z-1:
Gail began weeding and outlining plots while the major cosmetic task was undertaken: I built and installed a new gate(above) for the plot using 1 in x 3 in x 8 ft boards and some wire mesh fencing.
With the gate installed Gail and I weeded and started to dig out our beds...
and we kept digging...
and digging!
Over the course of two days we got the gate built and installed, weeded the entire plot, as well as digging, amending with compost, and cultivating the soil in all six of our beds!
We even managed to do some planting:
The above photo shows our half rows of newly planted Mesclun Mix, Romaine, & Spinach. We also planted Beets, Onions, Carrots, and Cabbage. Along with the seed we were given the gift of leeks to plant, which we planted along side some volunteer plants Gail found while cleaning up the plot. I suspect they are pearl drop onions or something closely related (our volunteers are the healthier looking bunch on the left, the leeks are the smaller looking bunch closer to the fence):

After two days of hard work our plot is clean, weeded and starting to look like a garden:

All in all it was a fantastic way to spend my birthday weekend!


Kelly said...

Very cool stuff, it must feel great to have sown some seed after all that hard work!

Anonymous said...

Hey, your garden looks great-- you are off to a strong start. Oddly enough, I was in Boston a week+ ago looking down on the Fenway Victory Gardens from The Prudential Center. What a history that garden has!

Russian heritage, eh? My little Maine town has a small Russian population, emigrees from the Stalin years. Many of the houses have some Russian detailing, and there are 2 churches in town with onion steeples, one is still operating as a Russian Orthodox church.

Thanks for visiting Henbogle, enjoy your garden!

Annie's Granny said...

Good job! The plot is looking like a real garden now.

Happy birthday and happy gardening!