Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gardening Tools (what I have/what I need)

The lady and I are off from work this Friday and plan on starting to prepare our plot for the season. We managed to scavange some garden tools from our parents, but are still in need of others.
What we have:
Edging tool, trowel, narrow trowel, various shovels, standard garden hoe, hand hoe, an anvil style hand pruner, and a severely bent digging fork which will be used as a hand cultivator.
We also have some very useful scrap wood I scavanged from around the gardens, some other odds & ends I will be using to make a trellis, and a variety of plastic bins and containers.

What we need:
2 pairs of gloves, hose, hand cultivator, metal rake, hand weeder, functional digging fork, twine, 1 fence post, plastic zip ties, plastic tarp, and nails.

The fence post, zip ties, and nails are there because a gate needs to be constructed and installed. The gate is my main priority for Friday, as keeping out unwelcome guests is needed. We will be taking a trip to the garden center and hardware store for tools and gate materials Friday morning, then it is off to work!

My question for experienced gardeners/readers is am I missing any tools?
Is there anything I, as a begining gardener am not thinking of that I will undoubtedly need?
Let me know in the comments!


Annie's Granny said...

I've been gardening for over 50 years, and my tools consist of a shovel, hoe, rake, digging fork, long handled claw-type cultivator, small trowel and a dinner fork for lifting tiny plants.

Do consider joining us with a photo of your "severely bent" digging fork! It's just a for fun group picture,


We'd love to have your photo in the next one! If you'd care to show us your fork, just post a picture on your blog. I'm a follower, so my reader will pick it up.

DaBeardedOne said...

I would suggest a cart and bucket. The cart will come in handy for moving the heavy bulky things from the vehicle to the plot. The bucket for carrying the small items (hand tools, gloves) and collecting the weeds in.
Garden On.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Fred, I agree DaBeardedOne, a cart or wheelbarrow invariably comes in very useful. If you have rocky soils, a small hand pick can be handy. Or if you find you have lots of thick roots in your soils, a mattock is useful. Otherwise, I think you have all the basics covered.

Fred said...

Thanks for the great suggestions!
Luckily a wheelbarrow won't be needed as my plot is at a community garden which has a whole fleet of wheelbarrows for us to use!
Buckets are definately a must! I have a few random containers and bins that I will be using for the time being!
Thanks again!

henbogle said...

I have to add gloves are a big help. I'm a huge fan of nitrile dipped latex gloves. I just got some replacements at my local hardware store as I am lost without them now. They are thin enough you can feel what you're doing yet keep your hands clean and offer some grip and protection.

My favorite hand cultivator is a 3-tined wire one -- it is light yet works great. I highly recommend looking around at tag sales for tools -- I bought a nice pair of Felco pruners for $1 last year. I also like my Oxo brand garden trowel, I think you can find it on my blog if you want to see it.