Sunday, April 25, 2010

Plot Selection Day!

(My Plot: Z-1)
The day I've been waiting for has finally come: Plot Selection Day at the Fenway Victory Gardens.
We met up with the VP of Parks at noon and strolled through the 400+ plots seeing which ones were available for new gardeners. Plots were handed out very informally. If we wanted a plot we merely spoke up and it was assigned to us.
The lucky winner is plot Z-1 (shown below). The back side is where the photo was taken from, the entrance to the plot is the 4 foot wide gap in the back left of the plot, which will have a gate soon. The plot is 25 feet long X 17 feet wide!
(plot Z-1 425 sq. ft. of potential)
The above photo shows the plot as it was when we picked it out. A blank slate, with the remnants of 3 small beds. Our plot is centrally located and is generally well kept. There is a lot of work ahead of me and I'm really looking forward to it.
Once we spoke up and claimed Z-1 as our own Gail(my lovely girlfriend) and I got to work scavenging around the trash areas looking for anything we might be able to use. We found some wood and a few broken sections of fencing. My brain immediately kicked into overdrive trying to lay out the potential beds that we will be planting. After our initial scavenging and planning we have outlined what we are hoping will be 6 beds.
(Potential beds marked with scavenged materials. Gail can be seen standing where the new gate will be located)

Here is some of the work that needs to be taken care of before the fun of planting and growing can really get going:
  • A new gate needs to be made & installed.
  • Various weeds/vines/plants need to be pulled from the ground
  • Beds & Paths should be clearly marked off
The fun has begun! Stay tuned for progress reports.

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Ryan said...

Alright!! Let the farming begin. That looks like a decent patch of ground. Should give you guys a good yield. All the best Fred. I look forward to seeing what you and Gail make of this. Cheers, Ryan