Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Potato Seedlings!

With the temperatures hitting 90F/32C the past few days(unseasonably warm for Boston) Gail and I made sure to stop by the garden today to water the plants and do some small things. Upon arrival Gail was delighted to point out that we had potato seedlings!!!
3 seedlings have emerged off of 2 potatoes in the trench, and I'm just delighted. According to the Potato Growing Guide that Wood Prairie send along with the seed potatoes it normally takes 3 weeks for seedlings to emerge from the ground. The potatoes were planted 16 days ago, so it looks like a few of them are just eager to get growing!!

I trimmed down the basil transplant, cut the chives down to 2 inches, and snipped some cilantro as well.

I also had a great gift waiting in my plot when we arrived. Marie, a fellow gardener and sometime blog reader (Hi Marie!) left us 2 moonflower plants in pots! This weekend they will be planted along the fencing. I am not positive as to the specifics of the plant but I think that it's Ipomoea alba which seems to be the most commonly referred to moonflower I was able to find online.

Potato seedlings and more flowers for the plot! All in all a pretty good day!

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