Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Organic Box

Here is this weeks produce box from Boston Organics:

What we got/where it's from:
1.5 lbs Bananas (Ecuador)
2 Bosc Pears (Argentina)
2 Pink Lady Apples (WA)
1 Red Grapefruit (CA)
2 Valencia Oranges (CA)
2 Yellow Peaches (CA) (not really, the website says CA but the labels on the peaches said Mexico)
1 bunch Asparagus (NY)
1 Cucumbers (GA)
1 Green Bell Peppers (CA)
1 lbs Peeled Carrots (CA)
1 Salad Tomatoes (FL)
0.75 lbs Zucchini (GA)

Gail and I have decided to stop the every other week delivery from Boston Organics in order to make a serious effort to get our produce from local farmers markets & farms, and hopefully provide some produce from our own garden. There are farmers markets within walking distance of both of our offices 4 days a week, and Allandale farm is just a short distance from our apartment. I will certainly miss regular deliveries of Oranges from the west coast and Bananas from South America, but I know I can substitute other fruits and veggies and still get my vitamin C and Potassium.
I know we won't get EVERYTHING from farmers markets and farms but I am certainly going to make an effort to get as much as possible from local sources. I think making the serious effort to acquire local produce and locally sourced meats is something worth pursuing .
Look for more updates regarding farmers markets and farms as the season continues!

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Jeff said...

Hi Fred,
It's Jeff Barry (founder/owner) of Boston Organics.

First of all I would like to thank you and Gail for all of your business and support. It is greatly appreciated.

We hate to lose your business, but I have to support your efforts for sourcing directly from the farms as well as your own garden.

However, in case you were not aware, we also offer a local focused box called the "Dogma Box".

The Dogma Box includes produce sourced as close to Boston as possible.

This box is intended for customers that believe it is of the utmost importance to purchase organic produce that is grown as close to home as possible.

We'll source produce close to home and move further out until we can provide at least 8 unique items.

The local produce is just starting up and we've "locked in" a variety of vegetables for the summer/fall.

Thanks again and best of luck.


Jeff Barry