Saturday, May 29, 2010

Enter the Pole Bean...

Quick trip to the plot after work this afternoon. Some hand weeding, a few pictures, 1 more potato seedling and...

The first picture is 2 of the 7 Ottawa Cranberry Beans (planted 5/20) that sprung up between Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. The second picture is 1 of 3 Kentucky Wonder pole beans (planted 5/23) that popped up in the same time frame. These are the only 2 varieties of beans I'm growing this year, so as usual, with signs of a new veggie coming to life I am very excited and pleased!

Long weekend with lots of garden & non-gardening planned. I will be doing lots of weeding, cleaning, some thinning, planting and general upkeep. I hope to take lots of pictures (I need the practice!) and have a nice update after the long weekend!

Happy Memorial Day for my U.S. Readers!

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