Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden Visitors - the NPR kind!!!

I had some visitors to my plot today. My local NPR affiliate WBUR has a weekday afternoon program called Radio Boston which focuses on stories pertaining to Boston and Massachusetts in general. About a month ago I was contacted by Meghan a staff member at Radio Boston. They were planning to do a story with Meg Muckenhoupt author of Boston's Gardens and Green Spaces and wanted me to speak with them about gardening, and the Fenway Victory Gardens! Early in the evening Meghan, Tom (i think that was his name) and host Meghna Chakrabarti stopped by to take a look at my garden and ask me a few questions. The interview was fun and I think it went well. Hopefully they were able to get something good enough for their piece. The program should be airing next week, once I have all the details I will be sure to share them. In the meantime here is a photo of my visitors from Radio Boston:
(Tom, Meghna, and Meghan of WBUR's Radio Boston)


thyme2garden said...

Gardening is making you famous! :) What kind of vegetable is that in front of you?

meemsnyc said...

That is so exciting! Do you know when it will air on the radio?

Fred said...

Thyme2garden - The 3 of them are standing behind a 5 foot tall sunflower!
Meems - I'm not sure when it will air. They told me sometime next week. Once I know I will be certain to post all the relevant info here on the blog!