Thursday, June 17, 2010


Not much to report from the garden as I've had a busy the last 10-12 days and have not been able to get to the plot very much. I stopped by after work just to quickly check on the status of things. Everything is growing well, nothing has taken a turn for the worse due to my neglect ;-)

I also managed to pick 9 raspberries before the birds and bugs got to them (8 whole ones and a 9th that promptly fell apart):
Excuse the poor quality of the photo as it was taken with my camera phone.

More pictures and more updating soon as I plan to spend some serious time weeding and doing general upkeep over the weekend!


Annie's Granny said...

Yippee! You got your raspberries ;-)

mangocheeks said...

9 raspberries. Oh I love it.

I know it won't look pretty, but Consider putting some netting over the berries, now that they are ripening. May just deter the birds. Its one way I managed to save my blackcurrants at the allotment plot.