Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tomato & Pepper Watch

While working in the garden this afternoon we saw that the first tomato and peppers had set (very small) fruits:
The tomato seedlings we got at the Natick Community Farm were not properly labeled so I'm not sure what type of tomato is pictured above. My best guess would be that it is a Peacevine Cherry Tomato.
Pictured above is of our first Hungarian Wax Pepper! The camera had difficulty getting a clear shot, but it's clearly a tiny pepper.
This last photo is from one of the Yankee Bell Pepper plants.

I'll be doing inspection of the tomato and pepper plants every few trips to the plot in order to keep track of when fruit starts to set on each of the plants.

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Annie's Granny said...

It's always so exciting to spot those first baby vegetables! My Hungarian Wax are showing a couple of pretty good sized little ones, and most of my tomato plants have several marble sized and smaller tomatoes on them, but if our weather doesn't warm up, they are going to have trouble growing and ripening.