Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some Color from the Garden - Shades of Red edition

A short trip to the plot today showed that shades of red are really standing out these days!
The sunflowers are exploding with color. This one in particular caught my eye:
I've been leaving a few Hungarian Wax peppers on the plant to ripen in the hopes that I can get a few red ones for seed. This one is the first to turn orange. In the back right of the photo another wax pepper from the same plant is still in the greenish-yellow stage:
I picked these Cherry Tomatoes this afternoon. They are black cherry, have a slightly sweet taste and are a wonderful dark almost purple color:
One pod of the Ottawa Cranberry Beans produced beans that were more red then the usual mix of cream and red the beans usually end up:
The Cranberry Bean jar (note the new jar) is filling up more and more each day:


meemsnyc said...

Are those wax peppers spicy or sweet? The sunflower is gorgeous!

Fred said...

Meems - The hungarian wax peppers are not sweet, but as far as hot peppers go they wouldn't be considered outrageously hot!
On the Scoville heat scale they fall in the 2500-8000 range which is on par with Jalapeno & Anahaiem Peppers, Tabasco Sauce...and Paprika, which is derived from hungarian wax peppers.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Were those cranberries, by chance, from me? Those are a lot redder. I wonder what their progeny will look like. Is that sunflower called something like Italian pink? I tried to grow it one year but the squirrels ate it or something. Very pretty.