Monday, September 13, 2010

Long overdue harvest report/garden update

Non-garden life has caught up with me the last 3 weeks and unfortunately I was unable to update this blog at all. Luckily I did keep track of my harvests over that time so here is a recent, and long delayed set of harvest updates:
Harvests for this week:
Bell Peppers 4.35 oz
Radish 1.25 oz
Cabbage 11.65 oz
Wax Peppers 8.80 oz
Parsley 3.50 oz
Tomato 5.668 lbs
Chives 3 oz
Mint .75 oz
Basil 6.60 oz
Weekly Total: 8.162 lbs/3.702 kg

Harvests for the previous 3 weeks:
Tomato 8.481 lbs
Leeks 2.65 oz
Chives 1.05 oz
Beans 4.65 oz
Bell Peppers 11.30 oz
Carrots 10.20 oz
Radish 4.75 oz
Total: 2.163 lbs/980.12 g

Seasonal Total:
48.94 lbs/ 22.199 kg

Inching closer to 50 lbs. Not bad for my first season growing food!

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