Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Best Burger I've Ever Had.

While in Nashville I was fortunate enough to eat the greatest burger I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying courtesy of the fine folks at Burger Up. The burger, dubbed the woodstock is their take on the American classic bacon cheeseburger: Benton's Bacon, Tennessee Sweetwater White Cheddar, and a made from scratch Jack Daniels Maple Ketchup.
Sounds simple, but what made this burger so great? Everything was fresh and made with care. The bun was light and fluffy with a thin crispy crust reminiscent of a brioche roll. The burger itself was delicious and juicy cooked to medium-well perfection. The beef for their burgers comes from nearby Triple L Ranch in Franklin, TN. Triple L practices natural production methods such as pasture rotation and fewer cattle grazing on larger pastures. Their cattle live outside and graze large pastures where their diet is primarily grass resulting in a delicious and earthy tasting burger with an intensely rich flavor that was not overly fatty or greasy.

The homemade Jack Daniels maple ketchup was not overly sweet and enhanced the flavor of the burger rather then over powering it. The ketchup is made in house with fresh ingredients and uses no preservatives. It had the consistency of a marinara sauce rather then the soapiness of a sugary bottled ketchup. The Sweetwater cheddar was rich and melted in my mouth with each bite. It had a slightly sharp taste without being too pungent.

Overall from bun to bun everything bite of this burger was delicious and an explosion of flavors.

The folks at Burger Up do things right, with an emphasis on "sourcing as many products as possible on Burger Up's menu from local farms that treated their animals well, used organic farm practices and would allow [the owners] to visit unannounced." More on their philosophies, ideas, and practices can be found on the our story part of their site.

The only real bummer for me is the fact that Burger Up is in Nashville and I'm 1,100 miles away in Boston.

If you ever find yourself in Nashville make every effort to stop at Burger Up, you will not be disappointed.

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meemsnyc said...

You had me at "homemade Jack Daniels maple ketchup" . Wow! I love Jack Daniels in condiments, one that I buy is Jack Daniels barbeque sauce. I've never been to Nashville, but if I ever find myself there, I'll have to look up Burger Up.