Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Week's Harvest & Planting Garlic

I missed Harvest Monday!!!!! I was able to harvest a little bit last week though:

Bush Beans 1 oz
Dry Beans 1 oz
Leeks 2.20 oz
Mint 6.05 oz
Basil 7.5 oz
Weekly Total: 1.109 lbs/503.03 g
Seasonal Total: 57.74 lbs/26.19 kg

Dry Beans, Mint, Basil is all done for the season. We still have Bush Beans (maybe), Radishes, Lettuce (might be ready before it gets too cold), Leeks, Kale, and Herbs growing.
The Bush Beans have slowed down so it's a tough call to see if we end up picking more. The lettuce was planted a little late so if we manage to eat any before it gets too cold it will be a nice surprise.
We are slowly putting things to rest for the winter. Potato and Leek soup on the horizon will use up the rest of the leeks. Kale will be enjoyed after it gets just a tad colder, while most of the herbs will be left to rest under the snow.
Speaking of resting under the snow...
Gail and I did some additional end of season cleanup on sunday and managed to plant our garlic for next year. One of our back beds seemed the perfect spot to plant some. Space is limited in a small plot, but this bed will be dedicated to garlic until it is ready! We planted 31 cloves total: 7 cloves of elephant garlic and 8 each of: german purple hardneck, ukrainian hardneck, and some sort of softneck with small but flavorful heads. All of the garlic came from local farms/farmers markets. As garlic is a staple of my cooking I'm really looking forward to harvesting next year!

This weekend I will be picking up some salt marsh hay to mulch the garlic bed for the winter. I'll save the rest for later use as I shouldn't need all of it.

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meemsnyc said...

We planted 40 cloves of garlic. I can't wait until the spring?