Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Frost & New Cookbooks.

The first real frost of the season came last night November 2nd. When I headed out for work this cold dark morning frost was easily seen across the ground as well as on the all the windshields. The Fenway Gardens are only 2 miles down the road from me and I expect the garden was just as frosty last night. I'll be doing one of my final harvests of the season this weekend as I inch closer to closer to closing the plot up for the season.
As I switch from active gardening to cooking hearty foods I turn to blogs, websites, and cookbooks for new recipes to try out. Gail and I recently acquired 2 new cook books recently that we are looking forward to delving into:
My parents recently traveled to Israel to visit family, friends, and see the sights. While visiting her nephew my mother mentioned my garden and this blog. My cousin sent along a copy of "Fresh Flavors from Israel" a simple and straightforward collection of 60 recipes inspired by traditional Jewish Israeli and Middle Eastern cooking. The recipes were created with simplicity and ease in mind. Published by the editors of Israel's premier food and wine magazine. I've been salivating over the recipes such as garlic hummus, stuffed pepper schnitzel, lamb neck & root vegetables, leg of lamb stuffed with haroset, and apple with honey upside down cake! I can't wait to try some of these new dishes out, they all look really great.

The second cookbook arrived in the mail this week. Gail contributed to the most recent pledge drive for our fantastic local NPR affiliate and as a thank you they sent her a copy of the Ruth Reichl edited "Gourmet Today" is a repository of 1000+ recipes. This encyclopedic tome is full of recipes from around the globe, many designed to be prepared quickly and simply. Along with all the recipes "Gourmet Today" also features menu suggestions encompassing all four seasons and a number of holidays, as well as a glossary of ingredients and sidebars throughout which focus in specific ingredients and proven cooking techniques and tips! Gail and I have already thumbed through it looking for inspiration as we continue to cook our way through the seasons.

As the weather shifts for many of us from heat to cold and we desire heartier foods to keep our souls and bodies warm, where are you finding your cooking inspiration and ideas these days?

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meemsnyc said...

Oooh, those look like great cookbooks. I've been getting a lot of recipes from other blogs. Great resources!