Sunday, November 7, 2010

BlueQ dish towels.

Gail and I are fans of dish towels as we hand wash all of our dishes, they come in handy. We recently added a few more dish towels from the great folks at Blue Q to our already existing collection. What makes Blue Q so great? Along with fun and quirky prints for their dish towels and their other products they believe everything should be manufactured with the very best quality. As their website states:
if you ever had any questions about our factory standards overseas, environmentally responsible manufacturing, the way we look at employees, labor practices and wages you can rest assured that it is the Very Best Quality. We don't compromise when manufacturing something that is affordable and desirable. We just want you to be happy. We do everything for you. Yes. You.
As if $9.99 for each towel wasn't reasonable enough, BlueQ offers factory seconds on some merchandise, dish towels included for $4.99!
Here's a look at the BlueQ dish towels that have ended up in our kitchen:
You're The Cream In My Coffee
Eat Local
Eat At Home
Emotionally Unstable

Check out more BlueQ dish towels, as well as their extensive product list at their website.


meemsnyc said...

Awww, these are such cute towels. Adorable!!

Fred said...

They really are awesome! I want more!!!