Monday, November 8, 2010

Harvest Monday November 8th 2010

The growing season is almost entirely done. Nearly the entire garden is put to bed. I've packed away most of my supplies and tools. Beds are mulched with straw, covered in tarps and put to rest until the spring. We pulled the last of this years crops aside from a few Kale plants this weekend:

Leeks 1.792 lbs
Kale 15 oz
Radish 4.35 oz
Parsley 4.15 oz
Sage 2.80 oz
Scallions .25 oz
Raspberry 1.5 oz
This weeks total: 3.545 lbs/1.608 kg
Season Total: 61.84 lbs/ 28.05 kg
Harvest total in the sidebar has been updated. I am very happy we've hit another (probably the last for the season) milestone: 60+ lbs in our first year gardening! Definitely something to be proud of!
What is that at the bottom of the harvest list?? Raspberries!!!!

Gail and I managed to bring enough raspberries home that we could weigh them. Usually they don't make it home, but fresh raspberries in November made for a nice snack on Saturday afternoon!

If you want to see what others are harvesting or share in your own bounty, stop by Daphne's Dandelions the home of Harvest Monday.


Robin said...

Congrats on your 60+ pounds!! Everything looks great, especially those leeks and raspberries!

Daphne said...

Yay for another milestone. 60lbs is a great first year. And those leeks are huge. I've yet to grow really good leeks. I keep trying though.

Madame C said...

Impressive with such an enormous harvest during the first year of your gardening! Congratulations!
Have a great week,
Cesars trädgård

TYRA said...

Impressive, congratulations! Beautiful harvest pictures Fred, those raspberries looks so tasty!


kitsapFG said...

The final big harvest looks lovely! Leeks are particularly nice. We are getting late fall raspberries as well - and like you - ours rarely makes it to the harvest tally or are photographed because we eat them while picking them! So good. :D

Hannah said...

What gorgeous pictures! I too love the leeks and those raspberries look divine. Congratulations on such a beautiful harvest

Veggie PAK said...

The picture of the raspberries makes my mouth water. I only have five small plants (18 inches high) but I was able to get a few berries from them. My 18 month old grandaughter loves them!

Nice blog. I bet you can't wait for spring!

Fred said...

Thanks to all of you for the words of encouragement and compliments! I'm really happy with my results as a first time gardener! I know that with a little knowledge and experience next year will be even better!

As for the leeks... they were a gift from a fellow gardener the day I broke ground at my plot. They were bone dry and the size of a pencil and they REALLY took off. I'll definitely give them another go next year!

Dan said...

Nice harvest Fred!

Emily said...

Looks like a nice harvest, especially those raspberries!