Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kitchen Art

As I mentioned last month, I was in Nashville for a few days with Gail. One stop on our trip that I did not share was a visit to Hatch Show Print one of the nation's oldest letterpress print shops. Founded in 1879 the shop has been printing posters for concerts, musicians, advertisements, vaudeville acts, the circus and much much more.
During our visit a poster caught Gail's eye. We immediately agreed it belonged in our kitchen. It finally came back from the framers today, and it looks fantastic:
The simple chart of common kitchen measurements is printed from the oldest typeface the shop has, dating back to Hatch Show Prints opening. A bit about Hatch Show Print can be found on the back:
I am so happy this understated piece of art will hang in the kitchens of my life, starting with the one I currently occupy. A huge thanks to the great people at Framers' Workshop who did such a great job framing the poster. Gail and I have framed posters on our own with their help and are happy to support a great local business. I encourage any Bostonians to visit them for your framing needs.

Do you have any food or garden themed stuff hanging in your kitchen?


Madame C said...

Yes, I do actually! We have a lovely picture of old wine bottles in a wine cellar. I love it!

Yours is wonderful too:)

Daphne said...

I don't have any art on the walls of my kitchen. I have cabinets. But I do decorate the counter with squash and tomatoes. And the dining room has a row of glass jars with beans in them.

Fred said...

Madame C - Thanks. It's a nice memory of a great trip. Our kitchen is very small so anything to make it feel a little warmer.

Daphne - food IS art! What better decoration then your own bountiful harvest!

Anonymous said...

I love the print! It is useful and beautiful. I have some prints hanging in my kitchen by VT artist Mary Azarian featuring garden veggies, and appropriately enough, part of an farm stand sign. You've inspired me to take a photo of it.