Friday, January 21, 2011

Dark Days Update #7: Quesadillas

The kitchen remodel is pretty much complete and we can cook and use the sink again! To celebrate Gail decided to cook up local Quesadillas:
No recipe here, just delicious local ingredients:
Bell Peppers (various farms frozen in late summer/early fall), Onion (Allandale Farm), Garlic (Allandale Farm), Tortilla's(Boghosian Lavash Bread from Valley Bread Lawrence, MA), Salsa (Number 9 Mild), Tortilla Chips (Gringo Jack's).

The cheese was beyond our local food shed, but we were working with limited options given a fairly depleted kitchen fro the renovation! Back to regularly scheduled cooking, baking, and (mis)adventuring soon!


Robin said...

It must be like heaven to be able to use your kitchen again!

Are you going to post before and after pics of your new kitchen?

Anonymous said...

I vote for kitchen pictures, too. :-)

meemsnyc said...

This is so impressive! Totally awesome!! I have to do this challenge when the garden gets going.

Fred said...

kitchen pictures will be provided. The commenters have spoken!

Anonymous said...

I am doing some work on my kitchen, so I look forward to seeing yours!


Angela said...

I haven't made tortillas in ages because they take so long; I'll have to search for a local source because yours look delicious.