Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looking Ahead.

A quick look at the calendar indicates it is smack in the early stages of what is shaping up to be a real winter here in Boston. With two major storms having already passed through Boston, and a third just around the corner it is difficult to look towards spring, but the time is here!
The seed catalogs have been coming in for a month already, with a few more arriving each week. Over the next few weeks I will be going through my seeds, contacting local farms about seedling sales, and browsing the catalogs while imagining fruitful harvests and warmer temperatures!
As the next bout of snow rolls in this weekend I will be sitting with a cup of delicious coffee or tea and sorting through my seeds and marking up these seed catalogs as a plan begins to form in my head and on paper for the forthcoming year.
It will only be my second year of gardening but I am excited to see where the lessons and skills from my first season will lead to greater success in year 2.


Robin said...

Welcome back from what looks like a wonderful vacation! You have really been getting hit hard with the snow in your region. The storms have been tracking about 20 miles east of us this year which is unusal. Well, we are supposed to get 6" tonight and it will then work it's way to you.

It sounds like the perfect way to spend a snowy weekend...planning the garden! Wishing you a successful second gardening year!

Daphne said...

My husband told me we are getting another storm on Friday. I was so not pleased. I really wanted this one to melt out first, but it looks like we are in for more weather. I'm working on getting all my seeds together too. I'll start my onions soon.

Fred said...

Robin & Daphne - Snow is what it is. At least I'll be dreaming and thinking of spring when I flip through these seed catalogs!

GrafixMuse said...

It is a little easier to take another snow storm with thoughts of seedlings dancing in our heads, isn't it? The planning, plotting, ordering, and seed starting helps warm the soul.